Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about touching your heart.

Yoga Guru

Yoga came to me as a natural extension of chiropractic and the desire to help others reach towards a balanced life.  The physical practice of yoga provides the flexible spine that is essential to health and wellness.  As I explored yoga more deeply, I discovered profound joy and experienced the bliss of truly opening my heart.  Yoga brings a connection and awareness to our bodies that can only come about with mindful movement.

I teach slow flow Vinyasa yoga suitable for beginners and established yogis. Gracefully linking each pose to the breath, the class flows smoothly and naturally.  With each asana we take time to find strength, length and breath. In strength we find our support, in length we gently find our edges and as we relax into the breath, we then find our selves.

You can find me doing vinyasa on the beaches of Mexico, in the Arizona desert or near one of the 10,000 beautiful MN lakes.  Wherever I am, I am available for yoga classes and individual yoga therapy.

For more information on my yoga background, please click here.